Welcome to the FVA Apprenticeship Program!

This is an avenue where you can practice the freelancing expertise that you learned in our courses.

About the Internship for your Online Job

You will be assisting FVA Consultancy on hands-on company tasks. The purpose of this program is to allow you to help FVA’s real time operations while enhancing your skills, confidence and experience in the process. We aspire not just to polish your online jobs skills but also sharpen your work ethics so you can be ready for success.

Your Learning Opportunities

      • Social Media Management
      • SEO
      • Content Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Video Creation and Editing
      • Video Marketing
      • Graphics Design
      • Internet Research
      • Lead Generation
      • Project Management

How Does it Work?

  1. Open to all FVA Family
    • From batch 1 to present
    • From all courses
    • From all Coaches
    • Should be finished with the course enrolled or working as a freelancer with other clients for at least 1 month
  2. Internship will be for 1 month
  3. Applicants need to email their Coaches so the Coach can assign and manage apprenticeship.
  4. Apprenticeship can be taken anytime of the month. All the student needs to do is apply via email.
  5. Apprenticeship will be in 2 phases: Phase 1 with FVA Consultancy and Phase 2 with a local or international client.
  6. Apprenticeship is completely free. FVA has no monetary obligations to any intern.
  7. All outputs will be FVA’s property. Make sure all contents are copyright free. FVA will not be liable for any copyright issue.
  8. Reporting: Interns need to send a weekly update that will note: Completed Tasks, Pending Tasks, Challenges, Notes/Thoughts/Suggestions to the Coach.
  9. Inability to complete a task with valid reason will be given another chance after a month.
  10. Work with joy! We’re a family. 🙂 <3

Apprenticeship Perks

FVA will provide a Certificate of Apprenticeship at the end of the month when task is completed. You will also be observed based of the following performance ratings:

  • Communication: Asking questions/guidance, sending weekly updates
  • Ability to Meet Deadline
  • Output Quality: Exemplary work outputs
  • Work Ethics: Resourceful, with initiative
  • Overall Performance: FVA’s overall experience with the apprenticeship

How the Apprenticeship Program are Helping FVA Students

I allow myself in the Apprenticeship Program to gain experience and I got a certificate. I posted my apprenticeship works on my Upwork portfolio. I submitted 6 proposals total, and luckily one get through. “All I can say to my fellow FVA students is that, if you feel you are for this kind of job or want this kind of job, then you must work your way through it. Invest TIME and effort into it, persevere, and submit a proposal every day and never lose hope. As they say, “The more tickets you have, the more chances of winning”. 🙂

– Marvin Gorres

Be an FVA Apprentice Today!

We look forward to having you. We trust that this will not only launch you to many opportunities after but will also boost FVA success. We will be honored and blessed to have you!