Apprenticeship Program

Welcome to the FVA Apprenticeship Program!

This is an avenue where you can practice the freelancing expertise that you learned in our courses.

About the Internship

You will be assisting FVA Business Consultancy on hands-on company tasks. The purpose of this program is to allow you to help FVA’s real-time operations while enhancing your skills, confidence, and experience in the process. We aspire not just to polish your online jobs skills but also sharpen your work ethics so you can be ready for success.

The apprenticeship comes in 2 phases:

1. Phase 1 – Internship with FVA Business Consultancy
2. Phase 2 – Internship with FVA Business Consultancy

Each phase is more or less a month. One needs to have only one phase per apprenticeship batch and will have to complete phase 1 first before being able to move to phase 2.

Your Learning Opportunities

  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • SEO Optimizations
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Video Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Internet Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Project Management
  • MS Excel Analytics and Reporting
  • ClickFunnels
  • Real Estate Tasks
  • General Virtual Assistance
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Website Management

How Does it Work?

  1. Open to all FVA Family
    • From batch 1 to present
    • From all courses
    • From all Coaches
    • Should be finished with the course enrolled (if one is NOT complete with the application assignments, he/she will not be allowed in the apprenticeships)
  2. The internship will be for 1 month
  3. Applicants need to email their Coaches so the Coach can assign and manage apprenticeship.
  4. Apprenticeships are open for sign-ups every 10th of the month via the FVA Family group (or the Coaches’ exclusive groups per territory). Tasks sheet will be shared of the 15th of the month and interns can start working on the 16th of the month.
  5. Coverage of the apprenticeships per batch is 16th of the current month to the 15th of the next month
  6. The apprenticeship will be in 2 phases: Phase 1 with FVA Business Consultancy and Phase 2 with a local or international client.
  7. Apprenticeship is completely free. FVA has no monetary obligations to an intern.
  8. All outputs will be FVA’s property. Make sure all contents are copyright free. FVA will not be liable for any copyright issue.
  9. Reporting: Interns need to send a weekly update that will note: Completed Tasks, Pending Tasks, Challenges, Notes/Thoughts/Suggestions to the Coach.
  10. Inability to complete a task with a valid reason will be given another chance after a month.
All applicants will undergo application and interview (like a real online job), thus we are encouraging everyone’s participation and compliance.
  • Our APPRENTICESHIP is open to all who finished the course application assignments.
  • NO record of Apprenticeship abandonment in the last 2 months.
  • Available schedule to work on the apprenticeship tasks for 1 month.
  • Committed to complete the task as per the program coverage.
1. The student interested to join the Apprenticeship is requested to send his/her application to FVA along with the chosen skill, resume (Canva made) and cover letter. Please send an email to services@fvaconsultancy.com using the sample email subject below:
(Apprenticeship Batch #: Phase # _Skills_Name)
Apprenticeship Batch 14: Phase 1_SMM_Jas Baniqued
2. All lists of applicants will be classified according to specific skills. These are the following skills needed for the program.
Phase 1
  • Social Media Management – Facebook (Aquisition)
  • Social Media Management (Content Plan and Graphics)
  • Email Marketing
  • Website (Landing Page)
  • Lead Generation
  • Real Estate Investing
  • SEO
  • Content Writing and Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Data Entry and CRM management
  • E-Commerce – Shopify
  • Project Management
Phase 2
  • Project Management
  • SEO
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Management and SEO
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation and SMM
3. We will release of schedule of interview dates for specific categories/skills, after the end date of the application period.
4. Applicants are required to undergo an interview for skill assessment, character assessment, and briefing about FVA Onboarding Process (Apprenticeship-Trial-Live)
5. The task will be assigned to the VA’s of the chosen skills.

Apprenticeship Perks

FVA will provide a Certificate of Apprenticeship at the end of the month when the task is completed. Each will be rated according to the following performance ratings:

  • Communication: Asking questions/guidance, sending weekly updates
  • Ability to Meet Deadline
  • Output Quality: Exemplary work outputs
  • Work Ethics: Resourceful, with initiative
  • Overall Performance: FVA’s overall experience with the apprenticeship

How the Apprenticeship Program are Helping FVA Students

One thing that I am very thankful about my journey here in FVA is during my Apprenticeship Program. I have learned from my mentor to not just reply to messages just for the sake of a reply. Make it your chance to sell yourself every time. “Always make a prompt reply to client”, I learned these tip from Coach Grace and I was praised by my client because of it. – Marvin Gorres

Hi Coach Grace,
I’m so delighted because my first day on my first job end well today with good comment from the boss, I did what you and coach Jay teach us from apprenticeship which is doing a daily report to keep track and I did it today and sent him and he so happy because he been in this industry and none of his VA done it. 🙂 he so happy about it and ask other VA to do it start today also and I will be getting more job because of doing it. 🙂
Thank you so much Coaches 😊 – Jennelyn Evans

Be an FVA Apprentice Today!

We look forward to having you. We trust that this will not only launch you to many opportunities after but will also boost FVA success. We will be honored and blessed to have you!