Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join?

Computer and a stable internet.


Do I need a babysitter during the coaching session?

No. I won’t mind if you have to put your kids to bed or feed them during the classes. This is the very purpose of this cause. To provide families expecially fathers and mothers an alternative way to earn income. So you can be a mom/dad and have the house “as is” during sessions. You can always turn off the camera and microphone so you can’t distract others.


Do you provide us clients after or we’re on our own?

My heart is to empower you in your role and dream so I will stick with you until you have your first contract with a client. I will not give you “fish” but I will be there every step of the way teaching you “how to catch fish”. Client come and go but if I can teach you how to make it with the first one, you can flourish with whatever challenges will come your freelancing journey.


Is this a networking platform?
Definitely not. My desire is to just really coach lives to be successful in their virtual assistance quest. The fees are one time payment. You get to enjoy your own fruit of labor all for yourself after.