I learned from the Free Tutorial: How to Find Clients Online that I should not just settle in finding Clients on Freelancing sites or platforms rather make the most out of my Social Media such as FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. There are a lot of job posts and I can build connections with business owners that can surely help a lot in finding my dream job. Thank you FVA and thank you, Coach Grace, for being such a big blessing to us, who aspires to be successful in Freelancing. You’re not just teaching us lessons, techniques, and strategies about Freelancing, but you are also inspiring, helping and pushing us to be excellent in all that we do. God Bless!.

– Katrina Cruz-Mangulabnan, 

FVA provides excellent coaching. You’re not just there to teach us lessons but you have a very guided training, like checking on our assignments one by one and ensuring that we will successfully get a client because of the practical job applications. Thank you, Coach Grace, what I really like in this coaching is that the Word of God is incorporated in this training. We’re not only trained with the proper VA skills, but we also feel blessed and inspired. Thank you so much FVA Family! More power, success, and blessings to everyone!

– Michelle Macaraig

She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever known. Very patient and attentive to our inquiries, she desires excellence in her students. The lessons were worth the money and I can see her generosity by giving almost all the essential training tools to become a successful VA at the fraction of a price. The lessons really helped me discover new skills and master the art of Virtual Assistance. Where else can I find a very intelligent yet humble coach? I would really miss the live coachings of teacher Grace. To those who longed to work at home, I highly recommend this. This helped me achieved my dream to work in the comfort of my home. Thanks for this great opportunity teacher Grace, you’re a blessing from above :).

– Chred Ental

I’ve been around the freelancing world for a couple of years now but honestly, I was only focusing on the known job sites to find clients. Good thing and thanks to coach Grace for the FREE webinar about “Finding Clients” which is very insightful, simple yet so helpful that even those who are new to this world would understand. Tips on how to get direct clients by going through to Social Media platforms such as FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest and how to abuse (just kidding), I mean maximize google in finding the sites where mines are found. Thanks, coach Grace for the guidance and the FVA family for the support, God bless!!

– Cristina Garcia (Manila, Philippines)

I highly recommended to my friends to know more about FVA. I felt so lucky to be one of the FVA students! Even though we don’t know each other in this community, I felt overwhelmed because it’s like I have a huge family that’s ready to support one another. The coaches are very awesome! Keep it up and More power to you!

– Loraine Tribunsay

It was indeed a Blessing for me to have found this page. Coach Grace was so patient, helpful and gracious of her time right from the start. The best thing about Coach Grace is that she will not stop teaching and be guiding you until you get the best result & until you get your dream job. Coach Grace is always there to lend a helping hand. My most memorable experience in Filipino Virtual Assistance was when Coach Grace noticed that I was struggling with my Assignments and Coach Grace offered me a 1-on-1 coaching with her for Free. I was so touched by her kindness. I think I’ve been touched by an Angel 🙂 Our Coaching Sessions are always ended with a Prayer or a Verse from the Bible. It feels good to have come at the right Online Academy! 🙂

– Paola Cirineo

As a newbie, I learned from the Free Tutorial: How to Find Clients Online we need to use our Social Media such as FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. It can help us to connect to our future business partners or clients. We can also found the post for our future job. Thank you, Coach Grace, for sharing us your knowledge and for being very supportive to your FVA family. God bless you more.

– Michelle Lopez-Cuenca

I had been praying for a coach for virtual work since 2015. God sent the angel through Coach Grace. Thank you so much for being the answer to my prayers. My investment to better my skills is so worth it with FVA. I found not only a coach but a supportive family too.

– Joyce Jover Felongco

Thank you, coach Grace, for giving a free webinar, it’s a big help for us newbie who is still learning and wants to be a successful freelancer. I’m really glad that I got a chance to join your free webinar about How to find clients online, now I know where I can get a lot of connections and possible clients.

– Irene Isla Iona

TO ENROLL IS TO BELIEVE. Definitely worth of a 5 – star review. Thanks for the lessons you’ve shared and the support Coach. For believing in us and pushing us to our limits. May you bless more aspiring freelancers in the future. (P.S. I got hired 2 months after finishing the course last March 2018 and about to start working for my 2nd client)

– Symel Mary Circular

The skills that you will learn is more than enough of what you had paid. Your investment is really worth. Ms. Grace is a great mentor, her effort comes from her heart. This is the cheapest online classes for VA but it will equip you as a VA in order to gain confidence, especially for newbies like me. Kudos FVA!

– Mark Michael Acosta

After giving birth in 2015, I wondered whether I’ll go back teaching or work as a freelancer. A lot of inspiring stories from freelancers, a lot of tutorial sites and yes, they are even free. These are just a few motivational reasons why I would like to shift career as a freelancer. I tried things on my own and there are a lot of stumbling blocks… pc, internet connection, time, money and other personal circumstance. One advice I got is to look for a mentor. I tried prospecting mentors and even approaching them, yet none materialized. I considered enrolling on paid online-training but it just left me with hesitations afterward. Then I found myself really praying for it. When I saw Ms. Julmar Grace Locsin’s video, I knew that I want her to mentor me. FVA promptly replied to all my queries and I made a big leap by enrolling. “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen (Isaiah 60:22)” I claim that it is the right time and He entrusted me to a reliable coach. FVA is an answered prayer. So excited as part of Batch 23. This will be an exciting journey.

– Alice de Leon-Avila

I am very grateful that I was given a chance to join the “FREE TUTORIAL: How to Find Clients Online” Coach Grace is an awesome coach with a heart!… She teaches us how to fish… Learned a lot from her!

– Ruby Marie Balbuena

FVA’s online courses are very timely, informative, and updated. Thank you for providing guided training and coaching at a very affordable rate. Looking forward to learning more!

– Jorleen Joy Feliciano

Grace and Jay are always there when you have questions. They are very helpful and friendly! Thank you!

– Rizi Quinquito del Rosario

Two thumbs up to Coach Grace! FVA Freelancing Course is worth your money. Coach Grace provides useful and effective tips to become a successful Virtual Assistant. But what I love the most about Ms. Grace is that she’s always there to guide and help you in your freelancing journey. More blessings to you Coach!

– Angel Uyehara

I <3 you, coach, I truly admire you and I’m very thankful for having you as my coach. Well deserved <3

– Nerilyn Majomot

I love how Coach Grace guide us how to fish instead of spoon feeding us. Though necessary information is easily available to guide us, she makes us think on our feet and allow us to experience everything first hand.

– Girlie Ibarra

I enjoyed the lessons at FVA. For me, they were new, futuristic and up-to-date. The lessons are so worth it. Good job in keeping up with the times and sharing the knowledge Coach Grace!

– Christine Cleofe Palado

I appreciate all the help. Although I was not able to complete the whole course, I am still going to finish it at my own pace as I find it very helpful. I am currently working full time and also working part-time through UpWork. Thank you, Grace, for all the help!

– Leilanie Bacalla

The greatest. She exudes confidence because she is a master. Her expertise is as big as her heart no wonder she is loved by many. She walks her talk and is an authority. All the best!

– Erwin J. Boiser

Technology has made it easier for students to learn with devices new, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an inspirational coach like you. The future of mankind lies not in the hands of new technological inventions and scientific breakthroughs. It lies in the hands of ambitious teachers like you… because that’s where it all starts. Thank you so much! FVA is the best Training ONLINE JOB ACADEMY. It never felt like you taught to earn a wage – it always felt like you taught to make a difference in our lives. Thank you for all your attention and assistance…you are a platinum stature Coach Julmar Grace Locsin!!

– Flovena Diahn Sanchez Dagohoy

Giving you 5 stars because you deserve it!!! The best and the most kindhearted coach I have ever met. Very prompt with response whenever I need assistance and questions with our coaching lessons. Such an inspiration and a big help landing on my first job. Thank you, coach!

– Maria Leslie Umali

Excellent teacher/coach. I’m so glad and proud to be part of FVA family. Sulit na sulit yung binayad for the lessons/trainings plus may bonus lessons pa. Thank you Ms. Grace for giving us the opportunity to learn from your experiences. Big Hug. God bless you more. 🙂 Proud Batch 10 student here. 🙂

– Ynah Leabres-Caballo

Best coaching and support anyone could offer! You will definitely learn a lot. The greatest part is the people in FVA are sincere and genuine. You could really feel how everyone here wants to help out. Thank you, Coach Grace! May God continue to bless you and your family. <3

– Patricia Acha

Best coaching and support anyone could offer! You will definitely learn a lot. The greatest part is the people in FVA are sincere and genuine. You could really feel how everyone here wants to help out. Thank you, Coach Grace! May God continue to bless you and your family. <3

– Frances Marty 

So I realized I haven’t given Ms. Grace 5 stars yet… Better late than never! Coach Grace helped equip me as I embarked on my journey – saying goodbye to being employed and hello to building my own business as a Virtual Assistant. I am now 6 months into enjoying the comfort of working anywhere and anytime I want! YAY! So I say, listen to the nudging and enroll in her class! You won’t have any hint of regret at all 🙂

– Joanna Macatiog-Dawal

She’s giving everything she learned from her experience. Would not stop coaching you until you get your first Client! No wonder she became Top -rated because she has an attitude of going an extra mile for her clients/customers. More power and blessings to you, Coach Grace and to your family!

– Joy Baghari Ursales

100% awesome! I’m so glad I decided to avail of the Christmas promo because becoming part of the FVA family is one of the best things that happened to me this year. Coach Grace is really nice and supportive, and then there’s a lot to be learned in the course. If you’re looking into starting your own freelance career, this is the best place to start.

– Faith Charis

Inspiring and “Sulit na Sulit”. Thank You Ma’am Grace. This coach has a heart and the skills.

– Joemar-Lhu Gabuya

The best Coach Ever! Approachable and God Fearing .. Investment is worth it!

– Nikki Murray

Thank You to Maam Grace for being so accommodating & constant follow up 🙂 God bless you more po 🙂

– Ruby Fatima Cajilig Tipon