With the growing online workforce industry comes the boom of consultancy business that offers Online Jobs Courses like Freelancing Start-up, Social Media In-Depth Course, Real Estate Investing Tasks Course, SEO In-Depth Course and others.  

But there is a consultancy business that stand out from the rest, and that is FILIPINO VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE or FVA.

Filipino Virtual Assistance is a business consulting agency is co – founded by married couple Jay Albert Locsin and Julmar Grace Locsin.

Photo credits from Julmar Grace Locsin Facebook photo

Why do FVA stands out from the other business consultancy?

Because Filipino Virtual Assistance is created with family in mind. It is evident in their mission “Equipping Filipino families, one freelancer at a time.”

FVA business consultancy is a family. And when one’s goal is for family, the heart is always present.

Offers lessons that would match the globalized skills, trainers that coaches and understand your pace.  Guides learners until through the lessons and makes sure to apply the skills learned.

Learning the skills first then application. Excellent coaches are ready to answer questions and concerns. We can compare this to a family, having sisters or brothers helping you along the way.

Not just during the term of enrollment but the whole year, coaches are available for learners. This business consultancy would not stop helping you until you are hired and able to compete with the globalized industry of online jobs.

It is more than worthy of mentioning that Filipino Virtual Assistance also offer apprenticeship programs. This apprenticeship program are available for FVA students who completed the course. A way of helping their students to apply what they have learned and in a way also showcasing FVA talents for clients.

Filipino Virtual Assistance equates to Family. A family that helps each other grow and flourish in this industry.