The Filipino Virtual Assistance (FVA) Consultancy serves in three ways.

  1. Academy – Where we equipped freelancers with different online courses so they can work as virtual assistants.
  2. Services – Where we assist businesses by providing different types of online jobs.
  3. Franchising – Where we welcome Coaches in helping us train and coach students while building their own FVA business!


Franchising Requirements

The following are needed in order to be an FVA Coach:

1. FVA Freelancing Course – The freelancing course experience is our Exhibit A. Going through the course from inquiry to success will be the pattern the FVA Coach will follow in his/her own student acquisition, marketing, and coaching measures. This will also serve as a training ground for the Coach to intimately know the FVA culture and being acquainted with student challenges to successfully support them later on.

2. College Degree – The FVA Coach needs to be a graduate of any degree. It is one of the Coach’s role to check assignments, correct grammar rules, and establish the students’ freelancing branding. Thus, the coach needs to be a college graduate in order to effectively guide students towards  online jobs success.

3. Territory – Territories are areas (cities/provinces, a total of 10M population of the target market) each Coach will focus. This will allow the Coach to establish authority in the chosen location. Territories also ensure FVA Coaches profits as there will be no interloping of places for marketing.


– South Luzon – Taken
– North Luzon – Taken
– Central Luzon – Taken
– Metro Manila – Taken
– Central and Western Cebu – Taken
– Eastern Cebu – Taken
– North Mindanao – Available
– South Mindanao – Available

* Opening Territories for Asia in 2019

4. Payment

Payment and Royalty:
Franchising Package: P50,000 (All-in-one setup from branding to marketing!)
FVA Coaching Royalty: 20% per student after 3 coaching months

Mode of Payment:
STAGE 1: Registration – P10,000 (Branding and territory)
STAGE 2: Franchising Setup – P15,000 (Franchising SMM, GoToMeeting and Webpage Setup)
STAGE 3: Launch – P25,000 (Coaching Lounge, Coaching Video Lessons, Marketing Guides and Bi-Weekly 121s with Grace)
Total: P50,000*

* Can be paid in full
* Can be paid per stages
* Full payment package covers all set up and the freelancing course.

Additional payment or arrangement may apply if Coach decides to add territories and courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it that expensive? Because we have to set up everything from branding to the Coach’s own Coaching Lounge. All the Coach will do after the turn over are campaigns, assisting students, live group coaching sessions and checking assignment.
How much does it usually cost per campaign? P4000 per monthly campaign. How much is the average monthly ROI? P50-100k average monthly ROI.* * If all FVA marketing strategies are applied.

Franchising Perks and Benefits

1. Being able to help people while earning BIG! 2. Coach’s students will receive the same benefits as those enrolled with the Main Branch. 3. Coaches’ annual training and getaway. 4. Coaches merchandise freebies. 5. Lower royalties for bigger monthly ROI.

How to Get Started

  • Complete the Freelancing Course
  • Apply as a Coach by doing the following:
    • Please send us a 5-10 minutes video with the following details:
      • Tell something about you: Name, Age, Family life, Interest.
      • Tell something about your freelancing life: Done with CS12? Currently working online? What’s your focused branding
      • Why are you interested to become a FVA Coach?
      • What is your English ProficiencyTest result. Search and take one online.
      • What is your DISC personality test result.  Search and take one online.
      • Proposed Territory: Cities and provinces with 10M population.
    • You can upload the video in Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo and share it with us.
  • Interview with the FVA Owners
  •  Decision (will be emailed)

For more information or questions, please contact us at info@fvaconsultancy.com or through this form below.


We look forward to hearing from you.