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Here are some of our Students who are now earning from Home!

Just 10 days after starting in my homebased job I got promoted and received increase. – Cristina
Hired as Facebook Marketing specialist!
From a travel agent to travel marketer VA!
Hired for a VA position with a starting rate of $4/hr and will increase later on.
Hi coach, I just want to share that yesterday I got employed thru Upwork, thank you so much for the guidance! – Daisy
Hired part time and full time as Social Media Manager.
I just want to share one of my clients in California. They came here last week to meet us and discuss our future growth with their company since it will be having an expansion. -Michelle
Milcah hired with 4 clients!

Two months ago, I was absolutely clueless about freelancing. But here I am now, starting to reap the benefits of working remotely. -Maricar

I applied, no answer, applied, no answer until the LORD surprised me yesterday and officially got hired today. -Lovereal

I got hired as Virtual assistant. -Rubilyn

Hired for a Transcription job!

Hired as Data Entry Specialist!

Neil landed to his first online job!

Hired as Data entry specialist for a Real Estate Company in WA, USA!

Coach I got hired today πŸ™‚ thank you for the knowledge and support.

You know coach I have 2 kids, both with special needs and I am really required to stay at home, attend therapist and hospital needs. And having an online job right now is a big help for the three of us.

Hired as Social Media Manager!

Hired as Social Media Manager even before the coaching started!

Hired and received a bonus just one week of working!

Hi Coach Grace! I got hired earlier this month. -Jasmin

Coach I got hired today πŸ™‚ thank you for the knowledge and support.

I am really thankful of FVA, this family guided me through in building up my Freelancing career. -Jeramie

Enrolling to the FVA Basic Freelancing Course guided me through my beginnings in Freelancing. Now, I have 4 clients! -Julie

Hired for fixed project!

Got 2 jobs at Upwork!

Hired as data encoder!

Hired as full time proofreader!

Hired a month after the training!

“I am hired! Thanks to you so much! My heart is full.” – Charo

“I am just excited to share to you that I already landed a job at Upwork.” -Hannah

Got two clients after two consecutive applications.

Hired at Upwork!

Hired as a CA during the coaching!

Got hired during the coaching!

Hired as full time chat support!

Got hired during the coaching.

Hired during the coaching!

Hired during the coaching!

“Got my first job in Upwork” – Revilyn

“They send me an email this morning stating that I am hired as their Virtual assistant” – Norman

Hired as Article Writer!

Hired at Onlinejobs!

“I was HIRED!!! I got my own client, aside from working with co-Filipina VA.” – Evangeline

Hired as full-time Graphic Designer

Hired after learning the technique of sending proposal!

Hired as Data Entry Specialist!

Hired in Onlinejobs!

Hired as Real estate Virtual assistant!

Got my 2nd client today and I’m grateful FVA is a big part of my journey. – Christine

Hired as a Sales Agent in a Trucking Insurance Company based in CA!

Hired just 2 weeks into the coaching!

Hired as part time Virtual Assistant

Hired as Virtual Medical Assistant!

Hired as Operations Manager!

Hired as Amazon Virtual Assistant!

Hired as Social Media Manager!

Hired and making a difference!

Hired as SMM Manager just 3 weeks into the coaching!

Hired as Social Media Manager for a Real Estate Company!

Hired as SEO specialist!

Hired as Account Manager!

Hired as Virtual Medical Assistant!

Hired not just one but with two clients during the coaching!

Hired from IT specialist in a corporate setting to online freelancer!

Just received her first paycheck!
Maria just earned her first dollars in Upwork!
Hired few weeks after the coaching for a dropshipping task!
Hired as Content Writer!
Hired full time!

“Hi coach, I just want you to know that I was hired sa Upwork” – Rosilo

“Luckily, I was already hired last Saturday as a full time Data entry analyst even when I have not finished the course yet.” – Khristine

“Finally po I’m working now as virtual accountant and support for a company based in New Zealand.” – Gretchen

“Hello Ms Grace, I have good news po.” – Gian

Hi Ms. Grace.. Got new Contract today.” – Erwin

“Hi coach, This client is from OnlineJobs.” – Bernadette

“I am also blessed to be hired as a Social Media Moderator whose main task is to respond to FB Ads, comments to FB Group Comments which is very something new to me.” – Alyanna

“I got my first ever job in Upwork and already done my first task.” – Kathy
“I just want you to know that I am hired na.” – Roselyn
“I already have a job and got my 1st week pay as virtual assistant.” – Angelita
“Hello Ms. Grace, I have received a job offer from a possible client.” – Gian
“I got a client here in Dubai, he wanted me to manage their website in WordPress.” – Marissa
I also do SEO, keyword research, logo making and photo editing which I am applying the things I learned from you. Thank you for that coach! – Irish
“I am recently hired just today as virtual assistant/admin assistant.” – Angeli
The starting offer was only 5 hours a week. I am glad that I’ll be applying the things I’m learning in our coaching sessions. – Noreen
“Good news πŸ™‚ I got hired as full time proofreader (transcriptionist).” – Joy
I hope you bless more people who hopes to begin a career in this industry. – Aldrei
I just want to thank you and your whole team. You are a part of this whole journey. – Paula
Thank you Ma’am Grace because your coaching is very helpful, not only for work but also for setting up an online business. – Jessica
The course hasn’t even ended yet and I’m already reaping the benefits for the results. After this, I will be taking up SMM In-Depth course with FVA again for my clients since they want me to manage their social media accounts in the future. Thank you, Coach. – Jenn
Thank you so much Coach for always motivating us not to lose hope. πŸ™‚ – Jacqueline
Hired as Payroll Manager for an Outsourcing Company!
“Share ko lang Ms. Julmar, meron na po akong work as VA-SMM.” – Gabriella
Hello Grace, I got hired for social media marketing position to promote shopify store. – Junrie
Thank you so much for the free training. I’m very happy to let you know an hour after the training I got contacted and hired by my first client. – Jay-ar
“I am glad to inform you that I am hired as General VA.” – Louise
“Finally, after many months of waiting, I’ve finally got my first job. Thanks much Ms. Grace for the never ending support and encouragement.”
“He offered me a managerial position plus bonus in every deal closed.”
“Hi Coach! Got hired yesterday. :)”
“I just landed on my first job.” – Jairah
“Just to inform you that I was hired by two employers.” – Lorejean
“I got full-time transcription job now.” – Jasmer
Thank you so much for all your help coach. I wouldn’t be able to have such confidence if it weren’t for your help. Your name truly signifies grace from God. I pray that the Good Lord will bless you and your family always and continue to be a beacon to others. – Yasmine
“I would like to thank you for exposing me in this kind of environment. That there are a lot of opportunities outside the office base job.” – Meliza
Only thanks is all I can say to you Miss Grace! Stay a Blessing to all! – Dexter
“I have 2 clients na on real estate. Thankful ako dahil malaking tulong yung REI dahil zero knowledge ako sa Real Estate, marami akong natutunan about REI”
Having this freelance works gives me ample time to do my duty as a mom. I was able to bring and fetch my daughter to school and while waiting for her, I was able to work at the same time. – Sheila
“I’m just so happy today because I got the badge Top Rated freelancer in Upwork after a year working.” – Juvelyn
“I am happy to let you know coach that I am doing well with my client.” – Lorive
“Basta po kapag ok na po yung schedule ko gagawa po ako ng video paano binigay sa akin ni God yung work. It’s Supernatural Job Provision po.” – Sarah
“I am overwhelmed right now for having my first job ever.” – Nikki
“I’m currently working as full time VA 40/wk.” – Maria
“Hi, Coach! I just landed a job this morning.” – Irene
“I just want to inform you that I got hired as being a Lead Generation, and this way I owe you and FVA family.” – Freddielyn
“This is my best night ever!!! I’ve been hired.” – Karen
“I already found a job as a part-time virtual assistant and they offer trainings for some task which are unfamiliar to me.” – Dona
“My new employer is based in New York City, thus I am working 10pm-7am. I’m happy with my job as I will be attending to inquiries at yelp.com and also, managing their social media sites.” – Jennifer
“Finally later today, the client contacted me via Skype, had a little chitchat. Then I was introduced to the team as a new member.” – Raffy
“My client from onlinejobs offered me a job aside from video editing. But when I mention about the course that I am enrolled, he hired me as part time and send me a down payment.” – Abdul
“I accepted the offer of my second client for transcription, Coach. I’m happy to share this to you.” – Nikki
“For an interview pa na pero maka happy and maka proud na kanang sa tanan gisubmit ako ra usa mapilian.” – Gayle

How about almost P20,000 a month for only 2-3 hours of work a day?!!! Easy right? Freelancing is TRULY a blessing. Start your #freelancing journey now and earn from the comforts of your own home. PM us to get started!

How about a $20/per contract?!!! Not for a CEO in the Philippines, nor a marketing expert in an famous brand but a NEW MOMMY… earning from home with her loving husband and sweet baby. All because of #freelancing.

Start your freelancing journey with FVA today! We are committed to make it happen for you!

Ville used to a #teacher teaching different levels for years. She wanted to move homebased and training with FVA, she now earns from home as a #socialmediamanager!

Don’t go for the norms. There might be something better outside your comfort zones. Start your freelancing journey with FVA today! πŸ™‚

Hard work and determination pays! After many months of toil, there is reward. So happy for this! Our students go through ups and downs in their freelancing journey but we don’t leave them until they succeed! So we also rejoice with them when they get hired.
Brent here is hired in just 1 month!!!

– 3 clients: Australian, Canadian, American
– Can work in his own pace
– Earning BIG in just 1 month of training with FVA!

We are so blessed to have hard-working students are reciprocate our commitment and support.

Our joy is to see YOU flourish… Our reward is to see YOU succeed…

“I wouldn’t be able to have such confidence if it weren’t for your help.” – Yasmine

This is the beauty of having a COACH… Someone is there to guide you, gives feedback and suggestions in your outputs and will not leave you until you are successful! Start your freelancing journey with FVA today to get started. πŸ™‚

“I am going to be a work-from-home mom, finally!” – Jamaica

I can just feel and imagine the joy! Jamaica is now able to earn right from the comfort of home. Enjoy in our courses today as well and allow us to help you earn while being with the people you love.

Hired as Social Media Manager within the coaching month! This is the story of Villie Jane Santos-Addun. What made her become successful? She gave her best in all her outputs. She is proof that work quality ushers immediate success! Congrats Villie.
Seasoned #bookkeeper and #accounting manager now shifting to #freelancing, hired! This may be just a 5-day contract but already a good start for this amazing freelancer! Congrats Jacqueline!
HIRED even if the class did not officially start yet! Diana is a proof that the #FVACurriculum works, even if a student alone if going through it. πŸ˜‰
#Newbie problems? Be hired with a Coach guiding you! Lorive here is now enjoying her freelancing life after being hired with the freelancing course!
Fluer is a mommy and wifey… who now enjoys EARNING FROM HOME! She assists a German client after being hired after the training! She can now enjoy moments with #family without worrying the monthly bills! πŸ˜‰ Enroll with FVA now.
Works full time office-based but earns part time with freelancing… πŸ™‚ Are you also working full time in the corporate world but needs a GOOD part time income? Be like Davie! πŸ™‚
“I’m already earning while working at home…” – Kathleen

Freelancing is prolly the most productive way of staying at home. You get to spend moments with #family while earning BIG! Train with Filipino Virtual Assistance today! πŸ™‚

I have my “first client, direct from Social Media!”
Got an update from Cherry that she is currently busy with lots of LABAHIN (laundry)… And one more new LABAHIN came up! Her LABAHIN? Clients! Online jobs for more income!!! Congrats Cherry. We pray that you will have more LABAHIN! ?????? Need a breakthrough to get “LABAHINS”? Allow FVA to train you!
It happened again! Looks like this is happening every batch! Another FVA #freelancingcourse student was hired even before starting her coaching month! Congrats Irene!!! You rock!!! Start your #onlinejobs journey with FVA today. We are 1-2 student hired daily…
“The FVA academy and family is a blessing to mothers who want to continue their career while focusing on family…” – Maria Clarita

Allow FVA to make it happen for YOU too!

Hired as a FULL TIME #SocialMediaManager after finishing the #FreelancingCourse! Full time means complete 40 hours a week. And with freelancing, the more hours, the more $$$! Congrats!
“I am earning at the same time enjoying time with my kids.” – Michelle
Eliza Flor was hired after the coaching but not within Upwork yet. It was after few months that she got a breakthrough! LOVE the story of determination and working yourself towards your goals here. Are you also willing to work hard for your dreams? Allow us to train you!
Belsa is recently HIRED! Client gave her a 5/5 for the trial work she did and also mentioned that he is impressed by the results of the training Belsa did with Filipino Virtual Assistance! Thank you Client for the compliment and congrats Belsa!!!
Nina Katrina started with our freelancing course early July… And only within 3 weeks, now working as a part time Social Media Manager in Online Jobs! Congrats Nina!!!
Rosalyn is a mother of 5… Enrolled with FVA so she can earn from home not compromising #motherhood and #family… Just 3 weeks info the coaching, she is HIRED as a Data Entry Specialist! Congrats Rose. Enjoy freelancing. We are very happy for you.
Sunshine enrolled in your freelancing course… and in JUST TWO WEEKS started earning from home! πŸ˜‰ This is our joy…
Lea enrolled with FVA. Lea now has 3 clients, stress-free work and a FREE laptop! Be like Lea. πŸ™‚
Ever get tired of trying but it seems like nothing is happening? Even sometimes to a point of CRYING? This is what Adelaida went through. Thus I am a relieved and happy to hear that she has been hired! What a sweet blessing! She advised to “always think that God has always a purpose and if it is for you, God will surely give it to you.” Congrats Adelaida! Cheers to a bountiful life!
“So this me, just saying how grateful and blessed I am to enroll in your course. It is a perfect investment for yourself and great way to meet new people. I am thankful as well with my FVA family who unselfishly share their knowledge and advises and I must say – enrolling from your program is ALL WORTH IT!” – Michelle Bravo
Worked with Jen on her applications and here’s her update after a few weeks! Not just HIRED but paid is Euro with P2000 bonus per closed deals! What a blessings right? One can early bird big and fast with #onlinejobs. Start your own journey today! πŸ˜‰
Marj is hired as a VA and was also given the telemarketing tasks. It’s not part of her training and she’s up for it! Why? Because she said, she has an FVA blood!!! Love how our students are getting the guts and grit to make things happen. Maybe they got it from their Coach? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Proud of you Marj!
Ever come to a place of being discouragement in your freelancing journey? This is what Marywill experienced. But after FVA course and support, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats Marywill!
With freelancing, one can work (and earn $$$) for international businesses without having to leave the country! FVA Grad, Christina works for clients based in the UK and NZ and both are long term clients!
Do you know that you can also work PART TIME with online jobs? Just like Marie Joy here who helps an author with only 10 hours weekly. There are lots of opportunities in freelancing. πŸ™‚
Roselyn is an IT-grad and worked as admin and finance assistant in a corporate setting. After enrolling with FVA, Rose now enjoys earning from home! πŸ˜‰
We created our Freelancing Course with virtual assistance set up and freelancing expertise! This is why many of our students are working as specialists… Sarah for example. She took the freelancing course and now works as a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER to 2 clients! Congrats Sarah… πŸ™‚
Kathrina resigned from her work as Curriculum Advisor and focused on our Real Estate Investing course. And JUST A WEEK info the coaching… was hired right away! REI Tasks are very in demand… Allow us to train you how to be a REI VA today!
Eunice is a grad of our freelancing course last December and now has SEVEN CLIENTS!!! Plus one project-based client too! I can just imagine the change in her monthly income and how this blesses her and the people she loves! Start your freelancing journey today too!
It happened again! A student HIRED even before the coaching session officially started! Congrats Edwin, you are the MAN!
“Right now, I have 4 job offers…” – Deylen
“I have new client and existing clients. I never knew I would come to a point that I had to let go on 2 clients as my schedule can only take so much.” – Hazel
“Every time I am being interviewed, I always say… that I have a strong backbone to freelancing, my FVA academy and family, my mentor… teaches me everything about freelancing (and) also teaches me how to produce value.” – Sarah Jane Estana
“I learned a lot of things that made my mind open… Inspite of rejections and failures… (I) learned to stand up and move on…” – Aries
“I will never get tired to tell you that I am blessed to have found FVA” – Marywill (on her SECOND hire just after a week!)
“…thank you for being true to your words that you won’t leave us until we landed our first job.” – Marywil
“By the way Coach, got my THIRD client this month” – Abegail
“Thank you for the knowledge that you have shared to us.” – Rose
“It’s been my pleasure doing my best during the coaching sessions. I learned a lot. Again, thank you for being a blessing to me.” – Richie

“Your training makes me “FEARLESS” and it gives me more “CONFIDENCE”. – Michelle

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  • Fastest growing online jobs training and coaching with over 3000 students trained in less than 2 years!
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Enroll now in the following courses!

Course Description:

  1. FREELANCING COURSE – Our all-in-one starter course for newbies.
    Course Inclusions: Virtual Assistance Setup, Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Simple Web Design, and many more!
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA IN-DEPTH COURSE – For Social Media Managers and Business Owners.
    Course Inclusions: Business Branding, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Google Plus Marketing and many more.
  3. SEO IN-DEPTH COURSE – For SEO Specialists and Business Owners.
    Course Inclusions: Search Engine Optimization Basics, Keyword Research, On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization, Local Directories, Analytics, Adwords, etc.
  4. REAL ESTATE INVESTING TASKS COURSE – For Real Estate Investing Assistants.
    Course Inclusions: Real Estate Basics, Lead Generation, Sellers List, Buyers List, CRMs, REI Apps, Calls, Appointment Setting, etc.
  5. MS EXCEL IN-DEPTH COURSEΒ – For GVAs, Project Managers.
    Course Inclusions: Introduction to MS Excel Reports Dev’t & Analytics, Entering Data in Spreadsheets & Performing Basic Calculations in Excel, Formatting & Managing Worksheets, Features of MS Excel, Excel Table Basic and Advanced Features, Manipulating Raw data by applying Formulas and Functions, Advance Pivoting and Reports Development, Starting your first Pivot Table Report, Creating Charts / Graphs Reporting Analytics, Bonus Topic: Formula Tricks and Google Sheets
  6. CLICKFUNNELS COURSEFor GVAs, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers and Creatives and Designs VAs.
    Course Inclusions: Intro to Clickfunnels, Getting Started with Clickfunnels, Funnel Building: Mapping Out Your Funnels, Create Your First Funnel, How To Get Free Stock Photos and Icons, How To Setup Email Integration, How To Setup Domain, How To Integrate Payment Processors, How To Add Products In Order Pages, Adding OTO and Order Bumps, Adding Tracking and Pixel Codes, Bonus Lesson: Tools and Resources, Introduction To Membership Sites, Access to Clickfunnels and Funnel Builders Community (Facebook Group, Funnel Hackers Community Site)
  7. EMAIL MARKETING –Β  For GVAs, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers and Email Marketers.
    Course Inclusions: Understanding Email Marketing, Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy, Sending the Right Email, Creating High-Performing Email, Understanding Email Deliverability, Outlining the Design of Your Marketing Emails, Analyzing Your Marketing Emails, Testing Your Marketing Emails, Developing Relationships With Lead Nurturing, Start Marketing RightΒ