Filipino Virtual Assistance (FVA) was founded with the desire to help mothers, fathers,
professionals and even individuals achieve financial stability so that they can be with their family
without leaving their home. At this point, it is no longer a secret that freelancing is on the rise. Many
people have already taken for the fact that freelancing is becoming even better than fighting the daily 8
to 5 rat race not to mention the hustle and bustle of the traffic.

With regards to the demand of online freelancers, FVA is about to launch their wing support to
students by opening a door of opportunity through FVA Services. FVA service is a platform like Upwork
or Onlinejobs where they welcome clients and hire excellent students from FVA. Aside from FVA
Services, FVA has still other arms: The FVA Academy and The FVA Franchising.

3 Arms of FVA

FVA Academy
FVA academy is geared toward helping students be trained in how the freelancing industry
works. FVA offers various courses such as Virtual Assistance Set-Up, Social Media Marketing, Content
Writing, SEO, General Administration Tasks, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, and a lot more. They
have also just launched their Real Estate Investment (REI) course which is basically one of the most in-demand jobs online that has better payoffs. Even if you are not a tech-savvy, FVA is more than willing to
guide you all throughout the course and won’t leave until you get your first client.

FVA Franchising
Recently, there is already 2 franchising FVA academy in the Philippines. One is from South
Luzon headed by Coach Cathy Cabradilla and the other one is from Metro Cebu led by Coach Miss Robbie Lorenzo. If you
want to know more about FVA franchising, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

FVA Services
FVA is now an established freelancing consulting agency. There has been a lot of demand on
clients recently asking us if we could refer a quality VA. With this, FVA opens a window of opportunity
where we make a platform and welcome clients around the globe to hire TRAINED and EXPERIENCED
virtual assistants

Our niche compared to other online freelancing platforms is that we hire our very own
students from the FVA academy. We know how it pains client if they hire a less qualified VA
claiming they are well-versed about the job but they are not.

Our selling point is TRAINED and EXPERIENCED virtual assistance. With our FVA services,
we make sure that our VA’s are well-equipped in their field. It is our “training to hiring
program” where we train and hire our qualified students. Those who enrolled at FVA academy
are potential for becoming part of the FVA services. However, they have to undergo training
and rigorous selection for them to be part of the team.

• Students who completed our freelancing course (CS 1-12) – Before you can be part of the
FVA services, you need to be a student of the FVA academy first. Those who receive the
Gold certificates are of the most priority and have a greater chance of getting hired. We
promise our clients to hire Trained and Experienced VA so your outputs during the course is
a testament that you know the tasks and that you’ve got the skill and expertise.
• Students who got hired during the training despite not being able to finish all the
assignments but got hired during the training are also qualified for the hiring process. Thus,
they are categorized as an experienced virtual assistant.

1. You will receive an email from FVA services.
2. FVA will conduct an interview to assess whether you are qualified to be one of FVA
3. You will undergo a 1-month test contract
4. You will be given three (3) months probationary period where you will be working with the
FVA clients.
5. Regularization comes after 3 months probationary. You can be either regular part-time or
full-time. Full-time VA’s are already covered with benefits such as SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth, and HMO.

Most of the works offered on the FVA Services are the ones discussed on the FVA freelancing
course. To mention a few they are:
• General Virtual Assistance – mostly includes administrative tasks such as answering calls,
scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, etc.
• Social Media Marketing – manage social media campaigns and day-day activities such as
posting relevant contents, manage ads
• Content Marketing – develop a campaign that drives traffic, improves customer engagement,
leads and sales
• Email Marketing – manage company’s email campaigns and communicate company’s brand
through emails.
• SEO – to make the website show up at the top of the search engine
• Music, Podcast, and Video Editing – trim footage segments and put together the sequence of
the film, input music, dialogues, graphics, and effects.
• Real Estate Investment – Research properties, analyze aspects like demographics and taxes,
identify properties and negotiate real estate transactions.
• Website Programming and Designing – responsible for the design, layout, and coding of a

Work Limits
Hired Freelancers can either work on the following work limits:
• 20 hours weekly
• 30 hours weekly
• 40 hours weekly (with benefits such as SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, HMO)

So get that best resume and portfolios on and rock all the CS assignments. Who knows,
you will be one of those successful freelancers who has taken their road towards financial
freedom. This is all with the heart of equipping Filipino families and individuals. One freelancer
at a time.