There’s a saying that in every mother, there’s a ‪#‎mamabear‬ instinct. It is that adrenaline in every woman’s soul deep within to PROTECT, PROVIDE and PAMPER her child in whatever circumstance. She will roar and risk her life for the sake of her child.

There’s no other LOVE above a ‪#‎motherslove‬. Her earnest longing is always to give her life to her husband and children.

Unfortunately, many moms today have to SILENCE this cry within and leave their kids at home in the hands of helpers and relatives for a “greener pasture”. They decide to let the MAMA BEAR instinct die… Mostly because they don’t have a choice. Financial stability shouts louder.

This is why I am so passionate with the ‪#‎virtualassistance‬ coaching. I hear the cry of every mother’s heart to be at home if given a chance. The last few months I have heard stories of struggling Mama Bears. I shed tears. These stories encouraged me that this is for a deeper cause. This is for the future of family in this nation. This for the next generation.

To ‪#‎revivalandreformation‬. One family at a time.

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Together, let’s make a difference. <3