Information Gathered for Virtual Assistant

OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: Information Gathered for Virtual Assistant

Information Gathered for Virtual Assistant by a Passive New Virtual Assistant from Joining Filipino Virtual Assistance.

I do not participate in posts or comments because it have been my nature to just observed, stay in the background.

In my silent existence in the social media group of FVA the information I collected are many and helpful.

As a fresh graduate from Filipino Virtual Assistance Freelance Course, there are many important and beneficial information

I have gathered and learned by just being a member of Filipino Virtual Assistance in Facebook.

FVA Academy

Filipino Virtual Assistance

What are these important information?

To name a few and most vital:

One, just because I graduated does not mean it’s over.

This is super helpful. I can still ask my coaches questions and yes they answer.

It is good knowing that there is someone who can be there for you when you are confused about a task or a job.

Two, there are many online job platforms.

As a person coming from a different industry and just recently been introduced to online jobs, I only knew one job platform and having a profile in that platform is not easily achieved.

It is gratifying to know that there are other online job platforms that I can join in and create a profile.

Three, skill matters.

Specialization. Honing that skill. Mastering that skill until you are more than just a master.

Four, how to spot scammers.

As a new virtual assistant looking for a job in online platforms, it is difficult to recognize scammers.

Reading posts and comments about a “job post of dreams” or “highest rate per hour” in FVA really helps in spotting these scammers.

Five, read, understand and apply tips.

FVA tips for virtual job interview, branding, productivity and others are so useful.

You could aced a virtual job interview by following their tips.

Six, a website and social media presence.

Because it is a powerful marketing tool for my skills.

It could help broadcast and promote my set of skill for client to see.

Seven, last but not the least, being wise.

You can work hard or you can work wisely.

I now know the difference and I learned it form Filipino Virtual Assistance.

These are all the information I got form being a passive member. By reading post and comments.

I hope you too learned a lot. Here’s to our success!

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