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The Happy Bella

“This is a great avenue for VA services for those businesses that wants to have their social media accounts managed if they are too busy to handle it. They can be trusted.”

To VA: She is nice and I think she did well in managing my social media accounts.”

– Iyah Aguilar (The Happy Bella)

Availed the Social Media Package


Executive Realty

You and your team have been great to work with. Your responsiveness to questions that we had was extremely appreciated. I am blown away at how quickly your team took over, and results have been immediate. I am excited to see the results over the first year, but already, I am more than pleased!”

– Phil (Owner – Executive Realty)

Availed the Social Media, Website Creation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Package + SEO


Mandala Dot Craft

“Your company is helping a lot of people how to sell more or be seen more in social media. Since I just started this online craft, it is hard for me to know where to begin. Your assistance points me to the direction where to make a start and get my business running.”

– Kristin (Owner – Mandala Dot Craft)

Availed the Digital Marketing Package


LittleRams Toy Store

“Firstly I’d like to thank you and your staff for the fantastic work you are doing? So far, the work produced by both Crysty and Maria has been exemplary and they are a credit to your organization.”

– Daniel Ramsey

Availed the Email Marketing and SEO Package


Ultimate Leverage Capital

“It’s been a pleasure working with Frances. I’m glad I didn’t have to do much directing and corrections I would like to keep her assigned to my social media management. It’s a bit easier working with someone that understands the scope of the business.”

– Glen Gould

Availed the Social Media Package


Allegro Ice Cream

Availed the Social Media, Website Creation, Content Marketing Package + SEO and Local Directories


Anyang's Crafts

Availed the Social Media Package


Crafted By Candy

Availed the Social Media Package


Davao Real Estate

Availed the Social Media Package


Kay Dee's Collection

Availed the Social Media Package


Naila's Special Dried Fish

Availed the Social Media Package


Prima Sassy Belle

Availed the Social Media Package


Tocoma Colon Cleanser Solution

Availed the Social Media Package



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Feedback from FVA Students

How to Create Evergreen Content

One of the best way to get more traffic in your site is to create evergreen contents. Evergreen content is a search-optimized content that is always relevant and stays “fresh” for a long period of time. It is like evergreen tree which retain its leaves all year...

10 Ways to Spot Online Job Scammers

Freelancing is a fast growing industry today. Millions are working home based today because of the better benefits it entails. Howbeit, this movement has also attracted online jobs scammers. They are out to deceive especially the newbies. It can be sometimes difficult...

Qualities of an Effective Leader

Written by: Robbie Jean Lorenzo, FVA Coach - Central and West Visayas We see different facets of leadership being portrayed in our society nowadays. To name a few we have politicians, government officials, spiritual leaders, social media influencers and even ordinary...

How To Get Work Done While Working From Home

 As more people seek a work-life balance and more companies are giving work from home opportunities, working from home is becoming increasingly popular. No transportation expenses, no formal attire required, no traffic to deal with and more quality time to spend with...

How to write social media bio that attracts clients

What you say about yourself matters. So if you haven't taken time recently to go through the bio of your social networks, you might want to take a chance and do that. Might just take a review and see if you are putting out there is really the best foot forward....

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FVA Consultancy is now a member of Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC).

AMTC is a Council of the Asia Business Trade Association. A diverse group of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) from across the Asia Pacific region. In leveraging their combined resources, they aim to help capitalize on trade opportunities and grow businesses.

The Asia Business Trade Association (ABTA) serves as the premier business association dedicated to the promotion of regional trade issues in cooperation with the government. The ABTA represents Asia-based companies and has three pillars of activities: trade agreements, next-generation trade issues and supporting smaller firms.