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Story of the Persistent Freelancer

Written for FVA by: Alfredo Baguio (Administrative Assistant, FVA Batch 9) The Curiosity That Ignites To Become A Freelancer I have heard a lot of stories, reviews and testimonies on how Freelancing transform lives and make them successful as a professional. As an...

How to Pass an UpWork Profile

 Increasing UpWork Freelancers? The other day I couldn't login to UpWork. Looked like it crashed because of high traffic. Every now and then, UpWork also sends "temporary disruption" notices. Can this be because UpWork has a lot of website visits and they did not...

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skill

Written for FVA by: Jenissa Oroc (University Professor, FVA Batch 3, Online Writer) I dread writing. I used to have shaky and wet hands every time our English teacher asked us to write something. When it’s already time to pass the paper, I was really anxious and...

10 Health Tips For Freelancers

Written for FVA by: Kathy Cabradilla (Licensed Financial Advisor and Property Consultant, FVA Batch 10, FVA Coach) Working home based is one of the most preferred jobs these days but it is very easy to lose motivation and it can lead to unproductive and unhealthy...

Freelancing: Freedom With Payment

by: Marc Nacional (FVA Batch 8) It’s 5 am in the morning. You get up from your bed, make a cup of coffee, and turn your TV on. It’s that morning show again which constantly reports about current events, price hikes, and traffic. Traffic has been one of the reasons for...

Why Choose Freelancing?

Written for FVA by: Kathy Cabradilla (Licensed Financial Advisor and Property Consultant, FVA Batch 10, FVA Coach) ​Can't find for the perfect job? My freelancing journey started when I was burned out with my day job. I am a mom of 2 kids and a wife to my loving...


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