“When I was growing up I hardly saw my parents, they work from sunrise to sundown to provide for us. They get home only to eat dinner then sleep then go to work. I am forever thankful for all their sacrifices but how I wish to spend time with them when my siblings and I were young.

Now that I am a parent myself, I also want to provide for my child but I don’t want her childhood be spent wishing she could spend it with me. I am fortunate to be able to have a job working at home. I am thankful that I can be with her and at the same time earn money, not all parents have this kind of opportunity.”

-Jenelyn D. Rivero, Real Estate VA/Freelancer

What motivates you? What keeps you going?

Most parents would answer their children keeps them going. Most definite answer is to provide for their children.

Time flies by so fast. Going to your own childhood you turn around and you’re a parent, one minute you have a baby in your arms, you blink and they are already toddlers.

Precious moments of our children when and if we are not careful escapes us and inevitably be gone forever.

To be able to spend time with your children is the second on the list of parents’ wishes.

To be able to provide for their children is first on that list.

Most importantly, to earn money at home and be able to spend time with them is WOW. That would be the greatest.


21st century parents are lucky to have the opportunity to work at home because different jobs and careers are now open worldwide.

With just a touch of a button with the help of the ever reliable internet online job platforms open.

With the right skills, attitude and the right clients therefore, the future of your children is as bright as a glowing star.

First, join webinars. Second, enroll in one of Filipino Virtual Assistance online course. Then, watch and learn from virtual assistants group in Facebook and create a profile on online job platforms. Make a career out of all your learning.

After all, the fire of a freelancer parent is her children.

The motivation is to keep spending time with them and be able to provide a bright future. And we can do this by being a work at home parent.

Arriba, work at home parents!