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Prima Sassy Belle

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Anyang's Crafts

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Executive Realty

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Davao Real Estate

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Crafted By Candy

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Kay Dee's Collection

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Tocoma Colon Cleanser Solution

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Allegro Ice Cream

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Naila's Special Dried Fish

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The Happy Bella

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Feedback from FVA Students

How To Work Smarter and Design Better with Canva

  Canva is an online graphic design site with customizable elements and has an easy drag and drop interface. Canva is one of the most useful graphic design softwares used by many freelancers . It has  free templates and artistic designs tp choose from to create a...

Time Management Tips

Freelancers work at their own pace and at their own time. However, with the demand for work be it in the family or in your day to day schedule, it’s very hard to juggle all of these most especially when loads of work begins to pile up. One of the biggest internal...


Filipino Virtual Assistance (FVA) was founded with the desire to help mothers, fathers, professionals and even individuals achieve financial stability so that they can be with their family without leaving their home. At this point, it is no longer a secret that...

How to Work as an Amazon Product Reviewer

Do you ever wish to earn dollars from home and receive items for FREE? What do you want to receive? A latest iPhone? Make-Ups? Books? Well, Amazon got it all for you. It is possible to earn dollars as well as receive items for free if you work as an Amazon Product...

Freelancing Success Tips in 2018

Success in freelancing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency, effort and value to build a name in the online industry. It is for a fact that freelancing can be an avenue to achieve financial freedom but it takes a lot of hard work, strong set of skills, and...